The new playground will be approximately 7000 to 7500 square feet – which includes equipment and playing surface. (see plan) The existing equipment and playing surfaces in City Park now cover 10,222.1 square feet (surveyed by a professional engineer on 6/1/07.) The new playground will be roughly in the same location as the existing equipment at the corners of Hwy 52 and 4th St. All the existing equipment will be removed so approximately 3000 square feet of area in the southwest corner will be turned into green space.

The playground will have two distinct play areas – one for kids five and older which will have in-ground edging to retain the ground cover and will not be fenced. Only the Tot Lot (approximately 1500 square feet) will be fenced with four feet high, routered, flat-topped pickets.

We’re still in the design phase, but we’re planning the rooflines to be domed and the highest rooftop to be approximately 13 to 15 feet (the current “giraffe” slide is 16 feet tall.) The highest deck level from the ground cover will be 6’ 6”. No existing park structures will be changed and placement of the equipment will be done to protect the existing healthy trees. This plan does call for adding new trees and landscaping.

This playground will be similar to Soldier’s Field in Rochester but the equipment in Chatfield will be unique and tailored to enhance City Park. This is a one-of-a-kind design, created to fit our park.

The overall theme will be “Chosen Valley”-oriented with an emphasis on our rural setting and natural beauty of the bluffs, streams and trees. The colors will be in natural earth tones. Depending on materials available through donations, we expect to use a combination of structural plastic, plastic composite lumber and arsenic-free pressure-treated lumber. With these materials – and proper maintenance – this playground should last for 25 years or more.

Our design was created by John Dean, an award-winning Leathers architect. Before coming to town he researched our town’s history, looked over the site and collected background information. Then in March, he came and spent the whole day meeting with our elementary school children. They presented him with hundreds of drawings and ideas and from this he drew up a plan brimming with fun and unique play opportunities. All imagined by our children!

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