To speak with a coordinator or committee chairperson, please refer to the list below:

Sue Greiner 867-0119 Project Coordinator
Shannon Glenzinski 867-3439 Project Coordinator
Margaret Viss 867-3997 Treasurer
Michelle Folken 867-3128 Secretary
Tim Brogan 867-4816 Construction
Laurie Van Dellen 867-3957 Fundraising
Julie Fryer 867-9775 PR/Advertising
Kim Muller 867-1447 Children’s Committee
Michelle Folken 867-3128 Volunteer Coordinator
Barb Hawn 867-3213 Food
Tiffany Strande 867-3309 Childcare


To protect you and our members from spammers' e-mail address harvesters, direct links to the members e-mail is not provided. To send them a message, copy the e-mail address from this page and paste it into the to: line of your e-mail application or send us e-mail through our server.